ADA Anniversary Survey

Help Us Improve Disability Access

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ADA Anniversary Survey

Help Us Improve Disability Access

Please answer the following questions about your experiences with business accessibility. All data is anonymous and the survey will help us better serve the disabled community.

Do you have a disability that impacts your mobility, vision or hearing? (check all that apply)

Do you use screen-reader software such as TalkBack, VoiceOver or JAWS?

Have you visited a website and been unable to operate it fully using screen reader software?

Do you prefer to use closed captioning when viewing video content on websites?

Have you attempted to view a video on a website and been able to understand the video because it did not provide closed captioning?

Do you have a placard or license that allows you to park in reserved ADA parking spaces?

Have you encountered a business that did not have parking for you, or stored merchandise or allowed shopping carts to block the space from use?

Have you attempted to enter a business and been unable to do so because of the lack of a ramp or inability to use stairs?

Have you visited a business that did not have services, such as tables, counters or restrooms that you were able to use due to your disability?

Please rate how you feel about the following sentence: “I believe that businesses that fail to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) should be sued to obtain compliance.”